Conte Ottavio Piccolomini

Typical Italien


Originality, passion and a love of pleasure – Conte Ottavio Piccolomini stands for the original Italian attitude to life. We feel a strong sense of connection to Conte Ottavio Piccolomini, who gave his name to our wines, and to his philosophy of life. Tradition, a love of life and delight in new discoveries are also central themes for us.

Our wines are typical of their region of origin, in their character, flavour and the way they are made. In selecting our wines, we attach great importance to treating the environment with respect, to high quality standards and to the real enthusiasm and dedication of our wine makers to producing superb, authentic wines.


We, the Conte Ottavio Piccolomini team, are based in Italy and we have taken it upon ourselves to share our love for the world of pleasure with you. With this in mind, we offer authentic wines from different wine-producing regions in Italy from one source. Always on the search for classic wines and modern innovations, we work here with selected growers and wine makers who meet our high standards. Whether they supply us with delicious everyday wines or truly elegant products, our partners work to the highest quality standards. This includes adjusting to climatic and regional conditions, working carefully and sensitively and striving for quality down to the tiniest detail.

A good wine is the result of respectful, sustained collaboration between humans and nature. The people who stamp the wines with the personality and their signature are as varied as the grape varieties, vineyards, soils and weather conditions in the great wine-producing nation of Italy. Our growers and producers combine modern methods of wine preparation with regional traditions, thus adding touch of true authenticity and individual character to each of our wines.