Conte Ottavio Piccolomini

A Passion for Wine

Conte Ottavio Piccolomini was a charismatic commander, the embodiment of Italian joie de vivre and a lover of good wines.

He was born in Florence, the capital of Tuscany in 1599, and came from the influential aristocratic Piccolomini dynasty, a deeply traditional Italian family. His ancestors included popes and famous generals. Conte Ottavio followed the family tradition and entered the service of the military leader, Wallenstein, where he became Wallenstein’s confidant, Imperial Captain and Commander of the Body Guard. He died in Vienna in 1656 at the age of 57.

Conte Ottavio Piccolomini was a cosmopolitan man and passionate epicure. With his clear sense of national identity and tangible vitality, he spread the authentic Italian attitude to life wherever he went. He also always had a special bottle of Italian wine with him on his travels and even introduced the Hapsburgs to Italian wines during the Thirty Years‘ War. Conte Ottavio Piccolomini moved in a variety of social strata and thus got to know all sorts of different people and their circumstances. Simple country ways and the sparseness of life in military encampments were as familiar to him as the magnificent surroundings of patrician houses and palaces. He always chose the right wine very carefully and deliberately, to suit the company, the occasion and the meal.



Conte Ottavio Piccolomini thus became, in his time, the absolute ambassador for Italian joie de vivre, enjoyment and excellent wines.

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